How To Use Tangi App Guide For Beginners

In this post, I will tell you how to use Tangi app and if you are a new Tangi app user then this post will be useful for you and I will also tell you how to upload videos on Tangi app.

how to use tangi app

What Is Tangi App?

Tangi app is launched by google and Tangi is a social video sharing app like Tik Tok from Area 120, Google's workshop for experimental products. In which users will learn new things and they will be able to share it with friends. 

Can I Make Money From Tangi App?

The is very simple no, for now, you cannot make money from the Tangi app. But in the future, it can be possible because google can make a profit from it.

guide to use tangi app

                 How To Use Tangi App 

How To Make A Account In Tangi App

Step 1: Click on that Icon shown below
upload videos on tangi app

Step 2: Click on that sign-in button (Tangi account is created by Gmail). Your account will be created automatically after clicking on the sign-in button.

how to use tangi app step by step


how to use tangi app step by step

How To Upload Videos On Tangi App

Tangi is currently a closed beta and for uploading videos on the Tangi app, you first have to apply and tell them why they should approve you.

Have to share your social videos link for getting approved on the Tangi app.

use tangi app

After getting approved on tangi you can upload videos on the Tangi app by clicking the video uploading button.

Can I Use Tangi App For Getting Popular?

Yes, you can and even, I am going to use the Tangi app because it is having fewer creators now and if the competition is low, you can grow easily.

I hope this post helped and answered your question on how to make an account in the Tangi app and if you want to share it with friends then share now and don't forget to comment below.

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