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In this post, you will learn writing an SEO friendly blog post that will rank on google results and if you are a newbie then this post will be helpful for you to learn about SEO and as a beginner, it is very important for you to learn about SEO Factors and this post will tell you all about SEO and if you have any question in mind then just ask me on comment section!

write seo friendly blog post

What Is SEO And How To Do It Easily?

When you are writing an SEO friendly post for your website, you need to make sure that you are following easy and every step because every step is important for your website to get rank on google.

SEO is a process in which certain changes are made to improve the quality of site content so that search engines can discover and rank your website blog posts.

SEO is not a simple process it involves many things and there are many techniques used by SEO agencies, even a pro blogger doesn't know about all techniques and there are lots of companies investing money for ranking on top.

SEO full form is Search Engine Optimization. there are two types of SEO you have to focus on On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO is for optimizing individual web pages for ranking on search engines and gaining traffic. In this, we have to focus on our website content.

Off-Page SEO refers to techniques that help to increase the position of your website in the search engine pages. techniques like link building are involved in this.

How do I write an SEO friendly blog post?
You just have to follow my simple steps to make your website post SEO optimized.

1. Keyword Researching

Keyword researching is the necessary part of writing SEO friendly content and the keyword researching part involves many stages and you should also learn about content marketing strategies because that will help you. You can use those strategies while writing an SEO optimized blog post.

a) Find Keywords Using SEO Tools?
Use a keyword researching tool that will help you to discover the keywords for your post and researching tools tell-all about the keyword like searches, SEO difficulty and you can also check your competitor's site keywords which are getting the most traffic and having low competition.

High-quality keywords will help you to create your post and rank higher.seo keyword researching

You can also find the keywords from the google search page and writing a blog post on related searches will give you some benefits and maybe related searches have less competition than other keywords.

But google search bar will not tell about the keyword SEO difficulty so for checking that you have to use keyword researching tool.seo keyword ideas

Low competition keywords rank your post faster as compared to high competition keywords and for finding these types of keywords you can use paid or free SEO tools. I will recommend you to use Ubersuggest which is a free SEO tool used by many bloggers, Ubersuggest tool will help you to grow your site for free.

Keyword Researching Tool Importance
Keyword researching tools will help you to discover LSI keywords, LSI keywords have low competition and these keywords will make your content healthy and there are many bloggers with the question in mind that we should use paid SEO tools or not, the answer is very simple yes because researching tool will help to know you all about keywords and competition and SEMRush tool has an SEO assistant tool option which tells that your post is SEO friendly or not. It gives an SEO score

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b) What Your Competitors Are Doing And Check Which Keywords They’re Getting High Traffic 

Checking what your competitors are doing on their website and for which keywords they are getting traffic, use an SEO tool for finding the best keywords from your competitor's website.

Don't forget to check how your competitor website is writing a post and how he is using keywords in the post, don't forget to check your competitor site headings, subheadings, and bold text.

You can also do manual searches on google to check the keywords for which your competitor website is ranking.

Use SEMRush

SEMRush is an SEO tool that will make your SEO work easy and it will help you to know about the keywords for which other sites are ranking.

What you have to do is to just add your competitor's website URL on SEMRush and after doing that SEMRush will show you all keywords for which your competitor sites are ranking and you can add those keywords to your post. 

How Your Competitors Are Writing

Check their article format and how they are adding keywords in a post and in how many paragraphs they are explaining everything and how they are bolding text.

c) Use Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords (LSI Keywords) 

LSI keywords are synonyms or related keywords.

Guys, LSI keywords are also important because search engines use LSI keywords to discover the best content for which a person has searched and having LSI keywords on your post makes it SEO friendly.

There are many tools that will help you to find LSI keywords for your blog post.

LSI Keywords SEO

Using LSI keywords perfectly in your post will help the search engines to discover what your website content is all about and for which keywords you should get rankings. You must have seen bloggers using LSI keywords and that is because they know how much important LSI keywords are.

LSI keywords rank your post for many search results and you can get more traffic by using LSI keywords.

d) Perfect Use Of Keyword

Use keywords perfectly for explaining what your content is all about and don't think that keyword stuffing will help you to rank your post, now every search engine is looking for meaningful high-quality content, not for keywords. User experience is very important so don't forget that thing.

Keyword density is important when you are writing a post and if your keyword density is perfect then your post will be good for search engines

Don't forget that Google ranks user-friendly websites.

2. Choose SEO-Friendly Titles For Your Blog Posts

Ranking on top is not easy and looking attractive is also not easy but if your title looks attractive then you can generate more traffic from it and it is possible only when you having the SEO-Friendly Title for your website articles.

Attractive Keywords

Use attractive keywords and attractive keywords are those keywords that will help you to generate more traffic and ctr, if you are ranking high on Google's first page and getting less traffic it says that your content title is not attractive for others and that's why you are getting fewer clicks on your post.

rank on google

For example, if anyone searches on google search page how to get more views on youtube it means that he is looking for some tips that can help him and if a post is having more tips then readers will click and read or if an article is having an attractive title then others may click on that.

Main Keyword In Title 

Use your main keyword in your title tag and you should use your main keyword in front of your title tag so that search engines can easily find it.

Attractive words

Use words that are highlighting your content and attracting others like best, top, etc.

a) Create Sub-Titles

Why You should create Sub-Title?

Sub-Titles will help your users to understand the article and sub-titles make an article best and a reader can read everything easily with the help of sub-titles. Search engines can discover your post more easily because of sub-titles.

3. Meta Description

The meta description is important for a website and you should have a perfect attracting meta description so that you can generate more CTR (Click Through Rate) and search engines use the meta description as a visible part.

The attractive meta description will get more traffic for your website so don't forget about the meta description. 

Check your competitor's website meta description for getting an idea of the meta description.

4. SEO-Friendly URL

For making an SEO friendly post, your URL should look SEO friendly.

You have to make a URL that is having the main targeted keyword of your post because it is very important and many bloggers talk about SEO-Friendly URLs in their courses also because they know how important it is for a website and how it can affect your rankings.

5. SEO-Friendly Content: Content Is King

Your blog post should be SEO optimized and User-friendly.
Good SEO optimization ranks your post higher.

How To Write Quality Content

Add headings, sub-headings, and bold your text and add images so that your readers can read easily and these things also help search engines to understand your content.

Use your targeted keywords in the first 100 words of your post and don't do keyword stuffing ok, try to make meaningful for readers. Make your starting 300 words attractive to readers.

Don't write small content because the small content doesn't have any value and it will not rank, try to explain everything in your post step by step. Don't forget to use alt text in images and give links to your previous posts so that you can increase your traffic in the old posts.

Grammar is also important and if your post is not having correct words readers will get some problems in reading and it will not rank on search engines and if you don't know how to check or how to correct it, you can use Grammarly extension.

How many words you should use in a blog post be for SEO?

There are many newbie who asks this question so, the answer is simple you should write more than 2000 words and it should be meaningful.

 6. Use Google Search Console
You should use google search console tools because it is also important and google search console helps you to check your website performance.

Google Webmaster tool tells you all about errors in your website or blog and it tells you about those keywords for which you are getting impression and traffic.

Crawling your website becomes easy for google with google search console sitemap submission tool and it has a tool that says is your website or blog is mobile-friendly or not. 

7. Make Sure That Your Site Or Blog Is Mobile-Friendly

Having a mobile-friendly website or blog is important and most of the people use mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly theme in your blog will help your readers and Google also wants mobile-friendly blogs for its user-friendly blogs for its users.

Your site must load fast because readers don't like a slow loading site.

Mobile-friendly websites are growing more now because Google is ranking mobile-friendly websites.

8. optimize images (ALT Tags)

Don't forget about alt tags and use them in the images of your blog post, use images for explaining every step briefly. 

alt tags and title tags will make your post-SEO-Friendly don't forget that.

image seo

You can see how easy it is to optimize images.

Ranking images on google is very important, ranked images increase your blog traffic so, try to use unique images that can attract traffic.

9. Internal Linking 

 Make internal links to your previous posts.

The internal linking method will help your readers to get more info and internal links also help search engine crawlers. don't add links to those posts which are not relating to your post.

Internal links help in SEO according to many bloggers and internal links also increase your blog traffic.

Internal links will increase your ranking on search engines.

Bonus Tip
Share your blog post on all social media sites so that you can get traffic for your digital marketing website.

Social media groups are useful like the Facebook group that you can use for generating traffic for your newly published blog post.

Guest Post 

Write a post for other websites and get a link for your post or you can answer quora questions and generate traffic for your website and you can also use the Pinterest website where you can add images as pins and from those pins, you can get traffic.

Micro Niche
Find a micro-niche keyword and write a post on that keyword, micro-niche websites rank faster on search engines because they have less SEO difficulty as compare to niche websites. micro niche blogs can get daily 100000+ traffic.

write posts on trending topics for getting more traffic for your website because writing posts that are having low search volume will not be beneficial for you. Some bloggers write posts on low search volume keywords and rank but ranking for those keywords will not be beneficial.

Answer Questions In Your Post Asked By Others On Google

Answering questions asked on google can help you to become a featured snippet and if you have answers for google questions, your website will rank because google wants to answer its users. whenever you search any keyword on google, google shows some questions related to that keyword, you just have to answer those questions ok.

I hope you will follow these steps.

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