Rank Me Online - How Do I Get My Website To Rank On Google

In this post, I will tell you all about SEO and How do I optimize my website for Google? and rank on Google's first page and if you are a newbie then this post will help you in improving your google rankings and feel free to ask your questions related to SEO in the comment section.

how to rank your website on google for free

How To Rank Your Website On Google?

If you want to rank your website on google's first page then you have to follow my tips
and In this post, I have explained all about SEO and how you can do SEO for your new website.

Ranking on Google is easy if you're having relevant content so don't forget about your
content and don't give up. Google always looks for the relevant content so don't stop
publishing good quality content on your website.

How do I increase my visibility on Google?

If you wanted to increase your visibility on Google then go and submit your website on
google search console because it is very important for a new website. If your website is not
submitted on
the google search console then go and submit it now.

How long does it take for a website to show up on Google?

If you follow everything perfectly on your website, Google can find your website within 1
month and rank it high. If your website is new then maybe it can take around 3 months or 6
months to rank on google. Old websites can easily rank in 2 weeks also.

Search engine ranking is easy for old websites so don't forget to create high-quality content
for ranking high.

Tips For SEO

Pay attention: for ranking on Google, you have to follow two types of SEO: On-page SEO
and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO 

On-Page SEO is done for optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and get more

In this, you have to improve your website content and web pages. In this part, you will find
several tips about On-page SEO.on page seo steps

1. Start Title Tag With Your Targeted keyword:

Your title should be relevant because google wants relevant content and for that, you should
use your targeted keywords on the title tag.

The title of your blog post defines its content and if you use your targeted keyword on your
blog post title google can easily discover your content. In general, the closer the targeted
keyword on your blog post title tag beginning, the more discoverable it will be to the search
engines. You can check this by searching for competitive keywords on Google.

As you can see, most of the pages that are ranking for competitive keywords are using the
targeted keywords at the beginning of the title tag. Although not mandatory, it will make your
website more relevant to what readers search for.

Don't make your title look ugly because no one clicks on ugly titles and your ctr will decrease
day by day. 

Do keyword research and find the best keywords for the title tag.

Your title makes your website ranking higher so, don't forget to make your title attractive because attractive titles get more clicks and more clicks will increase your website CTR.

2. Use Outbound Links In Your Website:

Outbound links are very important because Outbound links get more attention to your website so
don't forget to add Outbound links on your website. There are lots of new bloggers who make
the mistake of not adding links to other websites or articles.

Outbound links on your website show Google that your content is both valid and informative

and If you are doing so, add outbound links to your every post. Just make sure that the links
you are adding to your every post is relevant enough to your content.

3. Add Keywords In First 100 Words:

The best place to add your keywords in a post is within the first 100 words of your post, but
there are many bloggers to prefer to have a long intro in starting of the post and google does
not find it relevant to the search query.

A keyword "SEO" was used at the beginning of this post. Placing the targeted keyword near
the beginning of the post will help Google to understand the relevancy of the post. It will be
easier for Google to find your content and rank.

So, don't forget to add your targeted keyword in the first 100 words of your post.

4. Add Your Targeted Keyword In URL:

keywords are very important and the backbone of on-page SEO and that's why you have to
pay a lot of attention to keywords. There is no reason for not adding keywords to your URLs.

When you add keywords in URLs, you are proving google that it is more relevant and

So, don't forget that your URL structure should look short and relevant to Google.

Note: don't add dates in your post URLs.

5. Write Meta Description That Gets More Clicks:

A meta description is also a very important and visible part like your title tag and URL that will
attract peoples to click on your post. 

If you want more traffic for increasing your website earning, make sure that your meta
description is looking attractive and informative. your meta description should look helpful
within the 150 words limit.

If you don't know how to write a proper meta description then just search and see other
websites ranking on the first-page meta description and start learning.

If you focus on your meta description, soon you will see the results.

6. Add Keywords In Your Post Perfectly:

Use keywords perfectly on your post and don't try to do keyword stuffing because it will not
work now and you will never rank on google and don't think that keyword stuffing makes your
post relevant to google. 

Use keywords naturally to explain your content and if you are just forcing keywords in your
post-Google will not rank your website and your website quality will also decrease.

You can use keywords in subheadings and headings of your post and that is natural and will
help Google to understand your content.

Keyword stuffing also increases your website bounce rate so don't do it.

7. Image Optimization:

Make sure that the images on your website should have a file name that includes your
targeted keyword and your targeted keyword should be a part of your images Alt text and this
will improve your website optimization and it also creates a relevant image for search
engines and it is good for your website post.

Images are a very important part of your website and it should look attractive and informative
to search engines. Optimizing your post images will boost your ranking and your images
will also rank higher on google image search

So, don't forget to optimize your website images properly.

8. Less Competition - Long Tail Keywords:

Longtail keywords have less competition and you can easily rank for it. Longtail keywords get
less search traffic but it ranks faster. 

Longtail keywords are targeted for more than one keyword and have less competition in
ranking and if you have just started your new website campaign, then I will recommend you
focus on longtail keywords. 

Why Longtail Keywords?

A new website cannot rank with a single word keyword and if you are trying to rank for a
single keyword, then it is a very tough job for you to rank.

Go and search on google and you will see the competition for a single word keyword.

seo on google

As you can see in the image, Wikipedia and Search Engine Land are ranking up for the single
keyword "SEO". There are 78,80,00,000 results for this keyword.

Give up?

Don't give! this is where the longtail keywords work properly with proper page optimization.

For example, You can target "best tips for SEO" in your campaign of SEO.

This longtail keyword is having less competition than "SEO".

You can use google keyword planner for finding the long-tail keywords and how much search
the volume they have.

Longtail keywords will rank faster and will get more traffic to your new website.

9. Do Internal Linking:

Internal linking is very important because internal linking provides more information for your
blog readers and you can control your bounce rate also by doing internal linking. 

Internal linking improves your ranking and your traffic also increases by doing internal linking.

Goggle crawlers also like internal links and internal links help search crawlers to find your
another blog post.

Internal linking will increase your website traffic and revenue, so don't forget to add links to
your old post. Wikipedia website also makes internal links.

Don't put links that are not related to that post. 

10. Long Post:

Case studies have shown that long post ranks on Google. You should write a post with 2000
words or 1000 words at least and this can help you to increase your long-tail traffic.

Longer content will provide more information to readers and you can add more keywords
naturally in your post and then Google will find your content more relevant than other
websites because you are providing more information about that thing and you can gain
higher rankings on google.

Many new bloggers ask me how to improve google search ranking and the answer is very
simple, you just have to make user-friendly content and for creating user-friendly content you
have to add more information on your blog post.

Content is king don't forget that. and create a good piece of content.

11. Use Of LSI Keywords:

You can say that LSI keywords are synonym keywords and variations of the main keyword.

Latent semantic indexing(LSI) keywords are used by Google's algorithm to find the best relevant content for its users.


How To Find LSI Keywords?


Use page of google and search for a keyword and then just scroll down you will see the related search results. 


You can use google keyword planner or LSI keyword finding tools.

12. Website Speed:

Your website speed is also very important and google wants speed loading websites for its

users and if your website speed is not good or it loads slowly then your ranking will fall.


Speed is important for your readers because if someone comes by searching and finds that

your website loading speed is not good then he will bounce back and your website bounce

rate will increase and that will affect your ranking. 


How To Make Your Website Fast?


Use images with less size and don't use heavy images because it increases your website

loading speed. You can use online image size reducing tools.


Use fast loading themes and don't add too many plugins if your hosting is not good. You can

use Siteground hosting because Siteground hosting is best for all bloggers.

13. Mobile-Friendly Website:

Make a mobile-friendly website because it is very important and now google ranks websites

that is mobile and desktop friendly.


You should use a mobile-friendly theme because now mobile devices are used more than

desktop devices. Think of any mobile user who comes to your website and doesn't find

phone friendly navigations.


So, don't forget to use a responsive theme for your website and keep your user experience


Off-Page SEO

Off-page helps to rank your website fast and it is related to link building strategies. Different tips related to off-page SEO are:

 Rank Me Online

14. Broken Link Building:

Identify broken links in your niche websites and get them replaced by your content link and

this technique will increase your website traffic and trust.

More people will discover your website and your website will become popular.

You can find broken links through some free tools available on the internet.

15. Guestographics:

It is another best link building technique that you can use. You just have to publish

high-quality infographics on your own website and then you have to find the same niche

websites and show them your infographics and then they will surely accept your infographics

and you will get a credit link on their website for offering infographics.

16. Guest Post:

Find the same niche websites and offer them guest posts.


1. Traffic to your website

2. New website followers

3. Ranking will increase

17. Social Media:

You can use social media for promoting and sharing your content. The most recommended

social media sites are Facebook, tweeter, youtube, Instagram.


1. Traffic 

2. Brand awareness

3. Viral chance

18. Quora:

You can use the quora website for increasing your website traffic and quora can give you

daily 10k visitors if you answer questions perfectly.

Answer the best trending questions in your niche and put more information links thereto

get traffic.

Quora questions rank on google and that's why it is used by many bloggers and even brand.

19. Medium:

Publish the same niche articles on the medium website. Medium is the website where you

can publish content and in that piece of content, you can add your article links.

Medium ranks on google like quora and for using the medium you just have to create an


20. Bloglovin:

Bloglovin is also a guest posting website where you can post your content for free and you can share your links there for getting traffic to your website.

Bloglovin website account creation is free and you can post your content whenever you want and don't forget to check google analytics for monitoring your website traffic sources.

Which Of The Following Factors Should You Consider When Optimising Your Website For Search Engines?

I will recommend, you focus on every SEO factor because everything is important in SEO and If your content is good, you will rank high.

Thank you for reading and I hope your site ranking will improve soon.

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