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I think you are a new Tik Tok creator who is looking for some useful tips that can help you to get more views on the Tik Tok app. If wanted to know how to get more views on Tik Tok then just follow my simple tips. Increase your Tik Tok views and followers and become a star. The tips that I have shared in this post are used by many Tik Tok stars.

                                  how to get more views on tik tok

What Is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a video sharing app where you can become popular and Tik Tok is owned by ByteDance, a Beijing based company founded in the year 2012 by Zhang Yiming. Tik Tok app is used for creating short lip-syncing videos, comedy videos and talent videos.
You can use the Tik Tok app on Andriod and iPhone devices.

What Does Tik Tok App Do Exactly?

Tik Tok app allows its users to upload short videos and the Tik Tok app also gives some video editing tools to its users (i.e., stickers, filters, control video speed, access to professional type audios, etc.) to create entertaining content.
Tik Tok app can also make you a celebrity and that's true, you can check news about this.

How To Increase Views On Tik Tok

                   how to increase views on tik tok

1. Setup Your Profile Like A Pro

Your Tik Tok account profile is an important and highlighting part that attracts viewers. A good looking profile will make your viewers watch another video so, don't forget to set up a proper profile.

Add a good looking photo in your Tik Tok profile because it attracts viewers and if you are using a bad photo in your Tik Tok profile then no one will click and watch your videos. Tik Tok viewers want something interesting and entertaining so, don't forget to use an attractive photo in your Tik Tok profile.

Tik Tok account username also impacts your profile so, don't forget to avoid usernames like  "420tikwala", Use username that attracts viewers and the username that you have selected should represent your hobby like singing, dancing, comedy, etc.

Don't forget to give your other social media sites link in the Tik Tok profile because you can increase your followers on other social media sites with the help of Tik Tok. Giving links to your other social media profiles will increase your reach and connection to viewers.

Write a friendly bio that reflects your hobby and video style. Add some info about yourself that can attract viewers to subscribe to you.

2. Choose A Category

One big problem of new Tik Tokers is that they don't know what to make and they just create whatever they want, but it is not right, ok, you have to select something that you can do like your hobby dancing, singing, stunts, etc.

There are millions of Tik Tokers, most of them just sync lips and if you do something different than others then you can get more views and followers on Tik Tok. If you have any hidden talent then just show it to others on Tik Tok.

There are some comedians in Tik Tok with millions of followers because comedy videos are liked by all and if you want to entertain others like comedians then just pick up your phone and start making videos.

3. Engaging Is Important

Watch other people's videos and support them by liking, commenting and by doing this you will boost the person's videos you are watching and you will also get some benefit from it. Your username appears on comments and if your comment is interesting and highlighting then others will click and watch your profile and if your profile is looking interesting to them, you will gain some views and followers.

Don't forget to answer your viewers' comments positively because you can convert those viewers into followers by answering their questions properly.

4. Tik Tok Crown

Tik Tok crown is a reward given to some Tik Tokers. There are human moderators in Tik Tok who reward the work of Tik Tokers. Tik Tok crown icon appears on your profile and videos.

You should comment on videos with 100,000 views a day, your comment on those videos will impact more than comments on videos with 100 views a day. Try to write interesting comments because interesting comments will attract peoples to click on your profile.

You have to work like this and produce good quality content for gaining your own crown on Tik Tok.

Tik Tok crown icon on your profile will attract peoples to follow you.

5. Look Attractive

You should look attractive in your videos and try to use the iPhone camera because the iPhone camera is good for the new Tik Tok creator and its camera quality is good.

Wear attractive clothes because that attracts viewers to click on your video and watch.

6. Trending Hashtags

Some creators create videos quickly but they forget about the hashtags and get fewer views and reach. You have to find trending hashtags and then you have to add them to your videos so, that you can get more views and followers.

Make good quality content when you are adding trending hashtags so, that you can grow your Tik Tok followers easily. 

I hope you will not forget to use Tik Tok best hashtags.

7. Use Challenges

Participate in challenges to increase audience engagement, and to attract other viewers who
hear about the challenge. You can make your own challenge, or participate in other challenges.

Challenge videos can go viral anytime and challenge videos get more views and followers. You can participate in dance challenges because dance challenges get more views and Tik Tok users like dance challenges.

8. Collaborate

Collaboration can grow your audience in one day and collaboration on Tik Tok is very important for a new Tik Tok creator. Find users with the same followers' count or someone who is making content like you, then ask him for collaboration and by doing this you will get new viewers.

Don't try to ask big creators because they will decline, try to ask small creators with 20 thousand or 50 thousand followers because they will not decline your request.

After collaborating with one creator, your popularity can increase and maybe you can get more requests for collaborations.

9. Post Frequently

If want to become popular on Tik Tok, then try to upload as much as you can because more videos will get more views and followers. More videos will increase your chances to go viral. Quality and quantity both the things are important on Tik Tok.

More videos will increase your followers regularly. Uploading more videos on Tik Tok is important because viewers want more.

More videos can attract new audiences to your Tik Tok account.

10. Other Platforms

Other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. can help you to multiply your audience.

Some Tik Tok creators focus on other social media platforms also because they know the importance of other social media sites.

Other social media sites can help you to generate more views and followers. Social media sites can increase your popularity.

May be your videos can go viral on other social media sites and you can gain more popularity
there and don't forget to use trending hashtags in other social media sites also.

11. Trending Song

Try to make videos on trending songs and trending movies because Tik Tok users want videos related to new songs and movies.

You can make dancing videos on trending songs because  Tik Tok users like to watch dancing videos.

12. Use Video Editing Apps

You can use video editing apps for improving your video quality and video editing apps have many features that can help you to create a great piece of content.

You can use green screen editing because green screen editing is very amazing and its like magic, you can change your video background.

You can use transitions of video editing apps because transitions attract more people to your Tik Tok account. Video editing apps will make your best.

13. Be Unique

Don't do what others are doing, you can take any comedy show audio and can do lip-syncing, this will attract viewers to your Tik Tok account because no one is entertaining in this way.

Pick the latest comedy show and do lip-sync or you can do acting because peoples also like to watch acting videos and Tik Tok can help you to get an acting chance in movies and that's true, nowadays Tik Tok creators are coming on tv.

14. Post Videos On Best Hours

Don't post videos on bad time like early morning because no one watches videos in the morning and also try not to upload videos in the night because viewers don't like to watch videos in the night.

Evening time will be perfect for you to upload your videos on Tik Tok and On Sunday's you can upload videos at any time because on Sunday everyone is free and I will recommend you upload more videos on Sunday.

15. Use Tik Tok Live

Don't forget to go live on the Tik Tok app, Tik Tok notifies his or her followers and your followers will join you live on Tik Tok and You can also make money from it by collecting coins. You can engage with your audience.

16. Do Giveaways

Doing giveaways is the best way to get more likes, views, and followers. By doing giveaways you can get more exposure on Tik Tok. 

Doing Giveaway, you can make more fans that will trust you. 


Be unique and different from others ok Tik Tok to grow faster. Provide quality and quantity on Tik Tok because it is very important and also don't forget about engaging with your audience.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you have learned how to get viewers on TikTok in this post and if you have some tips, then don't forget to share in comments.

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